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Magnetic Weekly Calendar


Keeping on top of your weekly schedule can be hard work but the Quick Canary weekly planner dry erase board is designed to make it simple and fun.

Having a clear and stylish magnetic dry erase board on your fridge makes organizing the week ahead easy for the entire household. Avoid missing appointments, birthdays and important dates. Keep track of upcoming bills and to-do lists. Make sure everyone is on the same page for kids sport and school events. 


Our super smooth markers have an extra fine tip so you can read even the smallest of notes with clarity and ease. The set also comes with a handy eraser for when you're ready to start a new week or when plans change.

Quick Canary home supplies take the stress and uncertainty out of weekly planning and helps you to maximize your time with family and friends.

Dry Erase Sticky Notes


Quick Canary reusable dry erase sticky notes are game changer, innovative and eco friendly solution replacing the post its that don't stick and are easily lost. 

Increase communication quality within your family. With our sticky notes you can make notes, grocery lists, write messages, to do lists, labels and drawings whenever you want and stick them wherever you need them.


They are great for planning, brainstorming, note taking and are 100% removable, reusable, and re-positionable. Place them on your desk, laptop, wall or office windows and have the information you need ready at a glance. They erase with ease so you can use them over and over again, up to 3000 times! 

You can relax knowing that the things you care about are being remembered and taken care of with Quick Canary whiteboard sticky notes.

Magnetic Menu Board

01.Main Image_01.jpg

The Quick Canary Magnetic Menu Board for Kitchen is your family’s essential meal planning tool and specifically designed for you.

Planning meals ahead of time helps lighten your day-to-day load and means you can avoid those daily trips to the store, or last-minute take outs. Having a clear, easy to erase and super cool menu board on your fridge makes planning meals simple and fun.

Our vibrant neon liquid chalk markers are specifically designed for blackboards unlike most other menu boards for kitchen so they give you a brilliant look every time. The magnetic caps mean the markers can be on the fridge ready to write whenever you are.

Let our meal planner dry erase board help you stay on top of things this Holiday season.

At Quick Canary, we're in the business of making your life easier!

Magnetic Chore Chart


Looking for a way to keep on top of your household jobs? This Quick Canary chore chart for kids and adults is what you need! All those little tasks that can easily be forgotten will be listed right there on your fridge. Everyone will know what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

Take a bit of the stress out of everyday life and enjoy feeling in-control. Get the whole family on the same page with this chore board for your fridge.

Assigning chores is easy, fast and fun. Kids will love getting involved with chore planning when they fill in the chart. When tasks are done everyone can have the satisfaction of ticking them off using the allocated box. Plus, each person will know what they are responsible for to help avoid pesky swabbles.

We all have things in our life that need to get done. This Quick Canary family chore chart for fridge is just what you are looking for to help make it easier.

Colorful Sticky Notes

4x6 6 Pack Colorful SNs No Shine.jpg

Are you having trouble keeping track of things? We've got you covered with Quick Canary multi color small sticky notes. These colorful dry erase stickers work perfectly for fast notes, shopping lists, to-do lists, and even fun sketches. Place them wherever you want them and move them around as needed.

Our colorful dry erase sticky notes make wonderful presents for families, colleagues, teachers, students, flatmates, and friends. Help everyone keep things clear, tidy, and stress-free. They'll undoubtedly enjoy them and remember you when they use them

Quick Canary multi colored sticky notes are an excellent environmentally-friendly choice. With the ability to stick and be reused as many times as you want, our colorful mini sticky notes are a great alternative to wasteful paper notes. Capture all your important notes and ideas instantly and save note paper!

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