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Meal Planning: 6 Tips for Healthy Eating

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Very often, the time to eat comes and we are at a loss of what to prepare. This is a common problem and most people just end up getting a snack or some fast food junk, leading to different types of health issues.

You are definitely not alone in having this issue as it is a great struggle being a working mom. You will have to manage a busy lifestyle and still eat right. However, you are not alone and we are here to help you by giving you tips to make this great job easier.

· Have A List of Groceries in a Conspicuous Place: this is majorly to make grocery shopping easier. You keep updating as your grocery runs out so you know what to get. You can list the items under different headings like produce, meats, and so on.

· Resolution: as with many goals, resolving to do it goes a long way in making it a success. You need to make a conscious decision to do and then involve those around you to make it easier for you. Ask your partner and children what they like and don’t like to eat so you can take all into consideration.

· Ask For Meal Ideas: you will often get tired of the meals you know. One way to keep things interesting is by trying new meals. And what better way to get new ideas than by asking friends and families. This way, you have new ideas with reviews to go with them.

· Make A Plan: since you know your schedule when making plans, you should put simple meals on days when you will be busy with work. You can also have an arrangement where the first to get home cooks. However, for that to work, you will need to make sure the menu plans are visible and easily accessible.

· Cook Perishables First: after grocery shopping, make sure your meal plan starts with the perishables first. After which you can move on to the staples. This is because it is quite easy to overdo it when buying fresh produce and then you end up having to throw them away after a while and they’ve gone bad. Buy frozen and can foods to use when you are running low on fresh produce.

· Grade Yourself: after cooking a meal, let everyone who has a stake in the menu plan critique it. If it works out, give it the best rating. Over time, you will have a collection of meals with great ratings from everyone, and thus reducing the time that goes into menu planning. In a couple of weeks, you will have a menu plan filled with time-tested and family-approved meals.

Menu planning doesn’t just help you decide what you will eat, it is also a great way to ensure you are getting the needed nutrients to boost your health. And the huge positive impact it has on your budget is a very much welcomed advantage. So if you are looking to make use of menu planning, follow the steps listed above and you will become a pro in absolutely no time. Quick Canary Menu Board for Kitchen will be your ultimate tool.

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