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Introducing the new Magnetic Menu Board by Quick Canary!

Meal planning shouldn’t be a chore and with Quick Canary’s new Magnetic Menu Board, the hard work is done for you!

Staying on top of a busy household is hard enough with so many competing tastes, dietary requirements, and time restrictions, with our sleek and modern menu planner, you can take the stress out of eating!

No more lost planners!

With the Magnetic Menu Board, it’ll stick tight to your fridge or other metal surface without fear of slipping or sliding. The extra thick magnet is designed to withstand any shocks or spills.

Great for kids!

One of the things we hear most from our kids are: ‘I don’t know what I want for dinner.’ This is the answer to your prayers. Get them to write it down for you! Let them go crazy with our multi-colored pens to design a weekly meal plan for themselves!

Designed with care

At Quick Canary, we take pride in our entire range. This is exactly why we’ve created a product that will survive and thrive in the modern household. One of the biggest problems with dry erase boards are stains and ghosting, but with Quick Canary’s industry-leading technology, those aren’t an issue.

A swipe and a swish is all you need to plan great meals for the whole family for the whole week with the new Magnetic Menu Board by Quick Canary.

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